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CBJ on myspace!

hey guys, how are you doing?
have you checked out our home on myspace?
hope to see you all in april//Jorgen
2007.02.23 03:01 / jorgen


Hi all!
this is Jorgen from CBJ.
I wanna say thanks for always making us feel so welcome when we come to Japan.
If everything goes well we will be coming back to japan in the spring of 2007.
Hope to see you all then!
(everybody says hi and kanpai!!!)
yours truly/Jorgen
2006.11.28 18:28 / Jorgen

promo in japan

hey, i’m doing some promotion for twaine after the cloudberryjam tour.
check out the twaine news.
2005.07.09 23:02 / henke


hi everyone! rooster is dead… long live twaine!
we have changed names from rooster to twaine due to the brittish band rooster.
check out the updated homepage:
2005.06.22 03:53 / henrik

no subject

Hello guys!
thanks for your support during the tour, too bad we didnt have the opportunity to say a proper goodbye this time, but we will be back in seven weeks!
hope to see you then!
take care/Jorgen
2005.06.02 01:02 / jorgen


Hi everybody!
this is Jorgen from CBJ.
I really hope you guys like our new album “the great escape”.
If you browse to our site you will find some new additions.
we have uploaded our new video "It ain’t easy" as well as some "behind the scenes" film clips from the recording of the video.
we’re also happy to present the new LIMITED EDITION CBJ T-SHIRTS!!!
you can of course check them out on our site!
you can also preorder your own t-shirt and we will bring it with us when we come to japan.(if you can’t wait that long we might be able to send them to you by mail)
take care and see you soon/Jorgen
2005.04.23 10:09 / jorgen


You might not believe this but tomorrow we will be starting
the recording of a new CBJ album that will be out in the spring of 2005!
We won’t be coming back to Japan until april/may next year(sorry) but when we do we will have a new album for you guys!
In a week or so we will have some pictures from the new recording session up on our website!
Maybe, maybe we will also have some sound-clips if we feel brave enough.
I really hope all of you guys are feeling great and that you won’t forget about us ,we will start
promoting "movin on up" in Sweden shortly so keep your fingers crossed….
hopefully we will also have good news regarding CBJ releases in other parts of the world shortly,I will keep you updated…
all the best/Jorgen
2004.09.22 09:10 / jorgen warnstrom

safe on the plane!

Hello Everybody!
we made it safe back home.
thank you for your support and your smiles.
We had so much fun and we have lot of inspiration for our new songs.
see you soon in Japan again!
2004.06.28 20:19 / jorgen

Thanks for coming!

too everybody who visited our Tokyo gigs!
thanks for coming, to everybody who will visit us at Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka see you soon!!!
were in Fukuoka right now!!
take care/Jorgen
2004.06.17 21:14 / Jorgen

Wilddog music in japan?

Hi again!
Jorgen from CBJ again.
thanks for your visits to
I have one question to you guys: we are looking for potential partners in japan that are into the music of our label(Clay allison and Splicer)
If you have any tips of cool labels in japan that you might think will like the Music from "Wilddog" please-mail me
see you soon/Jorgen
2004.06.09 06:27 / jorgen warnstrom

video for download!

Hello all!
this is Jorgen from CBJ.
you can now download our video to the song “your love” on our website:
the guestbook should also be working so please write something nice!
pictures from the video-shoot and from our latest gigs will be up shortly!
hope you are all fine, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any questions!
2004.06.08 01:05 / jorgen warnstrom

new website

this is Jorgen from CBJ.
hope you guys like our new album "movin on up"
please check out our brand new website at:
see you in japan!
we are soon going to release the video to our song "your love"
best wishes/Jorgen
2004.05.27 07:00 / jorgen warnstrom

song requests

hello guys!
this is Jorgen from Cbj.
we are right now preparing the show we gonna bring to japan this summer.
we have almost decided on which songs to play but we have a couple of undecided.
please help us by writing which songs you most of all want to hear us play.
we will play music from all of our full-length albums as well as "the world through.."
you can write down your requests here or better send me an e-mail to the adress I posted.
see you/Jorgen
2004.05.05 / Jorgen

Wild Dog

Hey all!!
Just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas. Wild Dog (our record company)
have just released the Swedish version of "The world through my eyes"
which contains two remixes that are great!
The 23 /1 2004 we will release the debut album from Splicer and
the day before Valentines day (13/2 2004) the debut by clay allison will be released.
If you are interested in these albums you can order them from
Part from that things are fine. Jörgen is mixing my new album
and he called me yesterday and said "Jennie it will be GREAT" and I believe him.
I will celebrate christmas at my mothers house wishing that santa will bring me a couple of new books.
Take care
2003.12.05 15:21 / Jennie


Hey you all!
If you by any chance would be in Linkoping november 20 you are more than welcome to our release of the Swedish version of "the world through my eyes".
At the same time it will be a kick off party for Wild Dog Music (my and Jorgens record label).
I will play, Splicer will play their folky pop tunes and Clay Allison will play their lovely music.
Soooo three bands on stage!!
Wild Dog will release Splicer and Clay Allison early next year.
What else…
well, we have included two remixes on the album, one of the world through my eyes and one of "you keep telling me"
Take care
2003.11.12 03:19 / Jennie


Just wanted you to know that I will try to have a musical/lifediary and some updated news and some pictures soon on my official site.
You are so welcome to visit that site. Henrik is maintaining it and he is doing a wonderful job.
2003.07.17 20:59 / Jennie

Whats up

Hi hacchi and everyone!
Just wanted to send you guys a brief report of what Jorgen and I are up to right now.
Yesterday we finished the horns for the five songs that we have recorded so far and it was a thrill!!
Afterwards we were really happy.
It is such a wonderful feeling when the songs that you have had in your head just turn out to be, maybe even better, when additional musicians put their effort into them.
Today we are recording some organ and making a pre recording of a new son.
A prerecording usually is Jorgen and I, if it is one of my songs I play it for him and then we make a rough version using a drum machine and guitar.
Just to figure out how it may sound. Then it is time for brainstorming, and that is a funny game.
Take care
2003.07.09 18:21 / Jennie

well singer/songwriters

Hey guys!
We have no idea about what you are writing but we hope it is something nice:-) We really like this site.
We are down in the studio rehearsing and tomorrow it is our first recording day.
jorgen is tuning his guitar, I am writing to you and waiting for the other guys to come down here.
hey are getting Eric drums.
Anyway, we had a great time in Japan and I know that I met some of you.
Take care and have fun.
Hope to see you soon again.
jennie & Jorgen
2003.05.28 01:39 / Jennie & Jorgen

Cloudberry jam

I can’t read what you are talking about but it is a nice page!!
2001.11.20 21:38 / Jennie

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