Clay Allison「praise the morning sun」


Cloudberry JamのギタリストJorgenがプロデュースし、ベースをプレイしている Clay Allison が配信限定でリリースしたアルバム。

リリースにあたり、ボーカルの Viktor から日本のファンに、以下のメッセージが届いた。

Dear friend in music,
This is Viktor from Clay Allison
Just wanted to say that we got a brand new album out called “Praise the Morning Sun”. It’s pure digital so Itunes is the place to get it.
You could say the album is about finding new values in life and to discover the magic of the morning sun!
It took me 31 years to discover it’s beauty (all thanks to my son Walter)
This album is more up beat compared to the first one. It has got more synthezeisers and electric guitars in it. More of everything actually.
Even more tambourines. Handclaps. You name it.
It’s been two years since our last trip to Japan. We would love to come back to tour again!
So please, make sure to demand our presence



  1. C’mon C’mon
  2. Future Man
  3. You Don’t Know What You’re Doing
  4. Tiger In a Carcrash
  5. Time On Our Own
  6. Well Done, Sunday!
  7. Capota (is Closed)
  8. End Up in Music
  9. I Fell in Love With You
  10. Miami

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